Posted by: Nehalem | September 6, 2008

The Catcher in the Rye?

Sometimes the delicacy of objects blows me away. About four years ago I purchased a second generation Mazda RX-7. This is the vehicle I’ve owned longest in my entire life and I’ve finally started to experience the joys of tuning it step-by-step whilst driving it everyday. Two upsetting matters since purchasing the car were a) the wipers only working on one-speed including a problematic stoppage where-ever the wiper was in it’s rotation and b) the A/C never being properly charged leading to discomfort and even-more-so inability to see out of the front windshield in compromised weather situations. After countless repairs and other modifications, I finally corrected these basic matters. This has highlighted, for me at least, the glaring change in one’s quality of life based on simple object changes.

Whilst the car was a 1986, manufactured December of 1985 in Japan, the Air Conditioning system still featured the now completely antiquated refrigerant R12. My choices to repair this car were to pay $200 including labor to some buffoon with a R12 License to recover the A/C’s operating abilities or convert the car to R134A, a refrigerant which is available in new cars and does not harm the environment upon unexpected release into the air. With the help of a friend’s father, Mr Marzzaco, we converted the system to R134A, vacuum-pumped a negative system pressure, injected system lubricating oil into the “low”‘ side of the system, injected 36-oz’s or 3 cans of R134A pressurized refrigerant, and all the while measured the pressure differentials delivered to the “low” and “high” side of the systems. All-in-all everything works wonderfully again.

While nothing is all that magical about these basic processes, the result in drive-ability of the car with wipers and A/C is enormous, qualitative and quite immeasurable per se. This was quite a simple repair all-in-all and it highlights to me how the most basic of items really change one’s life. These “basic” things are so often glossed over. When I started my business, a basic item for me was healthy food or even the concept of regular, small-to-moderately sized meals. These were luxuries for me. In their absence, sure I grew stronger, but its wonderful to have them back as it is now wonderful to have a functional car for inclement weather. I think if more people were stripped of conveniences for a burst, and then allowed their restoration, we’d live in a much healthier and respectful world.


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